Tips to identify scamming websites

there are a lot of websites build with the sole purpose of robbing people of their personal informations like phone numbers and email address as well as your money.

in the past, i have fell for a lot of them and i know exactly how it feels to lose your hard earned money especially when you cannot see the person responsible.

so after various experience, i decided to help you out by placing this post on the internet for millions of people to read. however, it is specifically targeted at those living and Africa and Nigeria to be precise.

so i will be dropping a couple of tips as the title of this post says that will guide you on how you should spend your money while surfing the internet.

so let us get started

Strictly avoid websites that do not have a security certificate

if you are not tech inclined, you may not find the above heading easy to understand but I got a secret that can make identifying such websites extremely easy.

first of all, if you are using the chrome browser on your phone or laptop, it will notify you when you are trying to access an insecure website. it does this by redirecting you to a warning page.

however, if you are using a browser that does not have these functionality, you can easily detect this by checking the https signal before the domain name on your address bar. if it lacks the s, simply know that he website is not secure but if it has the s in place, it means the website has just passed this test.

google also advises that you should never share personal information such as your names, email address, phone numbers and credit card details with a website that is not secured.

Hardly agree to a bank account transfer mode of payment

if you make payments using your credit card, it may be far easier to track the person who scammed you by just contacting the payment gateway such as paystack, interswitch, flutterwave or paypal and reporting the situation to them.

however, if you make a bank transfer, the bank might find it difficult to release the personal detains of the scammer to you unless it involves a huge sum of money.

So my advise is to always use a payment gateway system or use an escrow to protect yourself.

Verify Registration Number

criminals are getting smarter every single day and this has led to them facing registration numbers to allow them gain the trust of their target prey.

so do not just take a look at the registration number of the company you intend to do business with, instead go to the government website and confirm that the website and business is actually registered.

Pay less attention to testimonials

do you know testimonials can be faked and placed on the website to give a false confidence to prey. yes, as a website builder, you can easily input a ton of testimonials with fake pictures and names to get people believe that you are actually legit.

so my candid advise to you is that you totally ignore testimonials and make genuine research before making any online payment

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