Make purchases online in dollars without a Mastercard in Nigeria

Hi friends, you are welcome to this guide although it may actually be a free guide because you are not paying for it. I would be going straight to the point and wasting no time on pleasantries.
Now I would go straight to the point and give you the information you seek.

To purchase using dollars at a cheaper rate, it simply means buying dollars at a cheaper rate and I would tell you exactly how to go about it.


Probloggers use PayPal funds to purchase online. Now you may want to ask, what is paypal fund? PayPal is an online financial system that allows people to send and receive money online and they currently have two type of account, which are

  • A merchant account
  • A buyer’s account.
  • A buyer’s account basically enables you to pay for things by using your MasterCard link to it. For the situation at hand, it makes no difference.

On the other hand, a merchant’s account enables you to send and receive money.

Now the really bad thing about this is that due to the mischievous acts of most Africans in the past, Nigeria and a host of other black countries are not allowed to create a merchant account.

So here is exactly what we do.
There are still some people who create merchants account but they are prefer not to withdraw their earning to their local bank because of fear of being caught and also because of the extra fees and taxes incurred.
So they prefer to sell it to other people who want to make purchase.
there are a lot Facebook group where you would meet over 40,000 other Nigeria bloggers who could have papal funds for sale.
This is actually my best method because the exchange rate is very much negotiable.


instantexchangers is a service that allows you to buy dollars using naira. But with this you would not have to pay the outrageous bank charges. Simply head straight to and you will purchase PayPal funds with naira.
Please note : to use this method, you should have a relative abroad who would either have or create a PayPal account on your behalf so that you can receive your purchase PayPal funds and make payment.



Bitcoin is fast becoming is universal currency even about dollar. Very soon supermarket would start accepting Bitcoin payments.
So to pay with Bitcoin, you would need a Bitcoin wallet and it is very easy to get.
Simply download the luno app from playstore and sign up.
You will be required to input your BVN in order to protect your bitcoins from fraudsters.
Don’t worry it is safe with them.

Then you copy the link below and paste it on your browser to read the steps involved right from namecheap

Which method do I advice you to use
Well, using method 1 is the simplest and off course the cheapest. You can purchase one dollar for as low as #310. However it’s downside is that, you have to find someone who wants to sell before you can buy, although this is very fast at times but some other times it make take up to two days.
To join the community of bloggers where you can purchase PayPal funds simply search for BHB on facebook.
After you join the group, you would walk you through the process three times. That is for your first three purchases the admins would be there to guide and after that I am quite sure you will be able to do so on your own henceforth.

Method one above is very good if you have a relation abroad.
However if you are familiar to bitcoin, it could be a great alternative to PayPal funds.

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