Make money uploading news online

Hey guys, ever wondered how you can make some extra cash off your spare time? Here it is. Today I’m going to be doing an overview of opera news hub. Let’s get started.

Opera news is a news platform that keeps its viewers up to speed with the latest happenings around the globe. They also help to reduce boredom as they provide fun videos ranging from funny clips to movie clips. Indeed they have helped many people in these aspects. But the question most people don’t ask is “Who provides the news and article in this platform that makes it come in abundance?” Yes that is the big question because certainly the opera news crew can’t be the only by collating these articles.  If you’ve ever asked this question at some point and never got it answered, this article is for you. I present to you, Opera news Hub. This is the secret behind all these. Opera news hub is another platform created by same group that works with the main opera news. It is a platform where willing individuals can offer all sorts of posts, ranging from latest news, interesting fictional stories, photo news, videos and so on. Off course this is not for free as there is a specific formula that is used in calculating the revenue that is being given in return for your good works. This revenue is based on your performance.

Now you don’t just go writing articles on the opera news hub. There are rules and procedures that you have to follow. Let’s take a step by step analysis of what you have to do.

Step one: Create an opera news hub account

This should be the easiest step because it’s just like opening a new social media account. While creating your new account, try to as real as possible, don’t go around portraying a fake identity. To create a new account, you go to your browser and enter for mobile users and for desktop or PC users.  Then you click on the login button and select between using your Facebook account or your email (gmail to be precise) to create your account.  After selecting this you are asked to provide your name, country of residence,

and mobile phone number. After which you are asked your field or area of concentration. That is, what aspect of news you are focusing on. You may also need to upload a profile picture which is going to be permanent.

Opera news hub pay via their own medium which is called Opay. It can be seen as a mobile wallet where you can perform various transactions. So if you don’t have an opay account, you are to download the Opay app from any store that is relevant to you. When done, you can easily create your account.  That phone number that you used in creating the account will serve as your account number.  This is what you will provide at the news hub.

Stage two

Read the rules and regulations carefully to avoid your posts been rejected. Some of these rules are, do not publish fake news, no sexually suggestive images or posts, no irritating images and so on. 

That’s it. Talking about the payment method, on a basic rate you are paid 360 naira whenever your post has 10000 clicks.  There are other factors that can either boost your income or reduce it. Such as length of post, reading time of users, engagements, originality of article and so on.

You will be paid monthly for your performance through your opay account.

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