Local Web hosting in Nigeria

When it comes to choosing a reliable web hosting company in Nigeria to either host your blog or business website, you should be very careful considering the fact that having an online presence is a major big deal in today’s world.

Basically, a web hosting company is a company that takes it into their point of responsibility to make sure that your website is available and also accessible at the world wide web.

They have a couple of server which are dedicated and equipped to make sure that your website is always available on the internet.

So before I list for you some of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, I will love to tell you some of the benefits of and qualities that you should expect from a good web hosting company.


Definitely we all know that the singular reason why you pay a web hosting company is to continuously make your website available on the internet.

If your web hosting company is fond of always limiting the resources given to your WEBsite therefore making it to go on countless occasions, I think it is high time you consider giving it a change.

Top web hosting companies around the world all thrive to provide their clients with 100% uptime so as to increase efficiency.

The uptime of your site is so important because if your website is down for just ten minutes, you may end out losing a lot of sales.

Customer support

To be frank with you, this is the top most quality I look for in a good hosting company.

When something gets wrong, it is always important to have someone to complain or speak to.

I will always advise you go for companies with a high customer care and support.

Live chat seems like the best way to get support from a web hosting company so you should ensure that your choice web hosting company has it.


Although pricing is actually proportional to the quality of what you get, some times some web hosting companies actually just increase their prices on purpose just to increase their profit margin beyond the required percentage.


Web speed and Security 

when it comes to hosting your website the speed at which your website looks is extremely important.

If you’re a blogger you should know that the speed of your website actually determines to a large extent where you rank in the Google search result pages.

and secondly you don’t want a website where one idiot can easily hack into and crumble website security is of extreme importance especially in this size by age where everyone wants to create a criminal offence online.

so let’s quickly get into the top 5 best web hosting companies in Nigeria.


Whogohost is actually one of the most prominent web hosting company in Nigeria and I actually think the Host one of the websites of one of the biggest phone merchants in the country slot.


of course not web has been known to be one of the first web hosting companies in Nigeria and their own website of so many federal institutions including Nigerian police force.


if you want to host a music blog or a download websites in Nigeria I think abollyhost seems to be the best option to go for with unlimited bandwidth and quite streamline resources you will have no problem with the pricing.


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