5 Tech Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

it is no longer news that the internet has produced more multi millionaires and billionaires than any other industry in the world. think about the top 10 richest men in the world today and you would notice that a hand full of them achieve their wealth and great fortune from the internet. examples of such people are Steve jobs, Larry page, bill gates and of course Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder and CEO of social media giant Facebook.

Africa and Nigeria at that is not less out of the new trend pf internet millionaires as we have a lot of them currently rising up in the continent, so today, i am going to be telling you the list of names of some of the famous and richest tech entrepreneurs in the continent Africa today and their accomplishments.

Seun Osewa (NAIRALAND)

Seun Osewa is the founder of one of the biggest internet forum in the whole world, Nairaland. Nairaland is an internet forum that covers topic on all human endeavors and built specifically for Africa and Africans.

Seun Osewa is often referred to as the Maek Zuckerberg of Africa has his website nairaland has being able to connect a lot of people just as facebook does.

nairaland is currently rated as one of the top three most visited websites in Nigeria with over five millions users.


Linda ikeji is well respected across Nigeria as the very first successful female blogger in the country. she was among the very first pioneers of celebrity and entertainment blogs in Nigeria and till today, her blog, lindaikejiblog still attracts a lot of daily readers and off course handful of advert placement offers.

she is estimated to earn nothing less than ten million naira monthly from her blog as some ads spot i her blog actually cost up to a million naira on a monthly basis.

Jason Njoku (IROKO TV AND ROK)

Jason Ndoku founder the popular african movie streaming company called iroko tv. it is often referred to as the netflix of africa.

his company idea was born when he could find an african movie to watch in the UK while he went to visit his mom, and since then he has taken it upon himself to solve that problem by making african / nollywood movies accessible to the world through his streaming platform called Iroko TV.

Iroko tv right from the founding has receive a lot of capital investing and funding from venture capitalist. Jason is also the founder of SPARK which is a company build to help fund young and striving tech startups in Nigeria.

Akin Alabi (NAIRABET)

Otumba Akin Alabi who is the ounder of the first sport betting website in Nigeria is a mentor to millions of entrepreneurs across Nigeria, including me.

he also hosts the largest entrepreneurship program in lagos which usually leaves the event center overcrowded.

his ideas and knowledge on business and marketing has helped many business scale above expectation and he also has a book which is a best seller called SMALL BUSINESS, BIG MONEY.

Sin Shagaya (KONGA)

this is one of the few Nigeria entrepreneurs who owns an MBA degree from the prestigious harvard university.

he is the proud founder of one of the top e commerce websites in African and Nigeria to be precise called Konga.

Currently, Konga is estimated to be worth about two hundred millions dollars.

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