5 Lead magnets to get more email subscribers

If you want to ever attract your readers to drop their email addresses with you, you should consider giving them something in return for it. This product or service should be something of high value. 

This stuff you give in exchange of their email list is called a lead magnet.

A lead manget could actually be anything that contains the necessary information.

But you have to make sure that the form at which you deliver the information as a lead magnet would always determine how well it converts


So today I will be giving you some great ideas of lead magnets which you can use to get your readers attracted to give you their email list



A checklist is simply a PDF file that consist of a list of bullet points that can enlighten your audience concerning a particular topic.

One important things you have to take into consideration when using a checklist as a lead magnet is the headlines.

The headlines as to be carefully crafted and optimised to get people opt in.



A cheat sheat as the name implies is a piece of document that teaches people how to do something more easier. For example, you can have a cheat sheet on how to cure acme or pimples with less than 5 dollars.

A good things about a cheat sheat that you should take into consideration when building or creating it is that it is very important to note that it should solve one specific problem.

If your cheat sheat is kind of general, it will not convert well so pick one topic or questions and let your cheat sheat provide an in-depth and easy to read answer to it.



Ebooks are the most popular and of course we’ll converting lead magnet used by bloggers and content marketers across the globe.

All you need is to produce an ebook yourself, or pay someone on Fiverr or Upwork to create one for you.

One common mistake most marketers make is creating a shallow and low quality ebook as a lead magnet.

If you do this, you would have ended up killing the whole process of building a relationship with your readers because they will think you just scammed then for their email address.


Example and case studies

If you are in a niche that allows you to conduct research and market analysis, you can end up given the full process as well as the final result of the experiments you conduct in the form of a lead magnet.

This is an exact principle the authoritative SEO blog called banklinko use to get over two hundred thousand quarterly email subscribers.

This guide has to be in depth and mostly tackle questions that people are not quite sure about. Preferably those that other bloggers in your niche contemplate about.



Toolkits are great lead magnets for blog that teach people how to build something. Either a structure, a software or a digital file 

Simply list out your favourite tools and let people know about it in exchange for their email address.

Toolkits is also a great way to also earn a lot of affilt revenue as you can easier include your Affiliate link as a button.

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